Andy's Campfire, songs of Trinald              

From it's inception, Andy's Campfire was meant to be a venue for any songwriter to showcase his or her talents. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit songs.
If you wish to publish a song here, get in touch with Andy Feenix in game. There are a few simple rules.
1) The songs must be original. 2) The subject matter must relate to The Dark Grimoire. 3)  Songs must have lyrics and comply with DG rules. 4) Enjoy!

All songs written and recorded by Andy Feenix unless otherwise noted. (Click on an underlined song title to play the mp3!)
The Inns of Valorn                                                       The Pirate Song                                              Riktor  ((Written and recorded by Lucius Flintlock.)
Lyrics        Chord Chart                                                  Lyrics        Chord Chart                                    Lyrics

Hangin' at the Dundee Inn                                          Blade and Staff
Lyrics      Chord Chart                                                    Lyrics        Chord Chart  

Balthys Blues                                                                                    LM Blues    
Lyrics         Chord Chart                                                                    Lyrics

At present, lyrics only are available for the following songs. They are in the process of being recorded. Thanks for your patience! 
Remnants of Kimald   (Written for RoK's 10th  birthday.)                           The Deal                                 Bondin' Song.....BS fer short!
Lyrics                                                                               Lyrics                                Lyrics                                                                                                                                                                                                
The Four Professions                                                          Fall Festival                             The Dig
Lyrics                                                                                                   Lyrics                                       Lyrics
Give Me Wings   (Written by Fiorbhinn)                                      Worth Fighting For  ((Written by Istela)
Lyrics                                                                                                   Lyrics
This music is inspired by the online game The Dark Grimoire.
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